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The Ink on the Run Story

Ink on the Run is the completion of many years of development, commencing officially in October 1996 by Mr. Martin Claus.

The idea officially became a franchise system in November 2002 with the first Franchise underway in the Gold coast. Now with Franchises in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW, Sydney, Victoria, South Australia and New Zealand with expansion planned for the rest of Australia over the next couple of years.

The need for this type of business became very evident early in 2000 through numerous requests by clients for a quality refill service for inks and toners.

A mobile service was provided and within a few short weeks proved to be both profitable and effective, with the introduction of our specially designed refilling equipment we were able to mobilize and run a clean and efficient operation without the usual fuss and mess associated with mobile inkjet refilling.

The concept was so well received that the need to Franchise became evident to handle the rapid expansion and so the investment was made to set up a structured franchise system.

As with any franchise system the success of each franchise is dependent upon holding steadfast to our commitment to total quality of product, customer service, professional and timely action and a guaranteed finished product. Furthermore a franchisee must clearly understand the fact that their franchise is their business and a consistent work ethic and a desire to grow is paramount to their success.

Any successful company is made up of people both internally and externally to that business and is the key to its growth and success.

In July 2008, Ink on the Run was purchased by Kiran Singh and Anthony Davis who were involved in both owning and operating a successful offset printing business for 20 years. They saw an industry shift where homes and offices now handled a larger percentage of their own print needs due to technology advances in reproduction and speed as well as lower costs to purchasing an office or home printer.